Being A Transsexual İn Turkey: İhsan Hala

Breaking social prejudices is harder and more difficult than thought. It is even more difficult for societies, especially those with patriarchal features like Turkey, where the emphasis of masculinity is very obvious. In such societies, behavioral patterns and gender roles are shaped by the patriarchal structure, and gender identities are at the forefront.

The lives of transgender individuals, who are approached with prejudice from knowing, pass through very painful processes in such societies. This process starts when they notice their sexual identity. It is necessary to struggle with a lot of difficulties when telling family situations, family print, community print.

They are fighting for freedom in their bodies that do not belong to their souls. When they get into social life, they have problems finding work while others are being exposed to cynical attitudes towards their behavior. They are beaten, killed.
Ihsan is still one of them. A trans individual is someone who tries to admit himself to the collective identity and who is in a difficult process. The bride whom he was born settled in and became accepted by the people of the village. It came from a big challenge. Even if the village where it was born, the village ahaltsi excavation Ihsan Hala. He has still managed to get herself with helpfulness and sincerity. The village now has become the Auntie Ihsan. When you are talking to the rest of you, with all the friendliness you are creating a positive energy. There is a different aura with sincerity, benevolence, optimism. First of all as family we are so thankful to İhsan hala for accepted our proposal of interwiev.

+ When is the first time you realized this change in yourself?
– Ever I could since remember I realized myself, my dear sister. He always played with the girls when he was a kid. I felt like a girl myself.

+ What did you reactively react to when you were opened?
– I’ve felt like a woman myself since I was a kid. This situation reflected the lifestyle. My family did not react exaggeratedly when I learned. I continued to be my father’s child. I was children, not a daughter and a son. But my brother did not accept this event at all. My brother’s reaction was severe. We still do not see.

+ The reactions in the small circles in the village are harder. Have you experienced such a situation?
– They did not take me between them when I returned. Outsiders, others. They stopped away from me. None of them looked a hundred. They always looked at you.

+ How did you get this situation?
– I’ve been up one time. One day I went to the village cafe and every word in the inside was changed. I told all my feelings with a loud voice. I said, “What have I done to you?” Did you catch me with someone? Did you see a frenetic move? I shouted at you what I did. After that, the peasant accepted me.
I got my place in every case related to our village. Keep helping your wedding meals until clean.

+ What made you go back to the village?
– When I was 12 years old, we got out of the country and settled in Izmir. I lived in İzmir until I was 35 years old. Mommy and daddy returned to the peddler. When my mother got sick, I came to see her. My mom was late. I could not leave my dad. I stayed here when he was late.

+ Let’s go back to Izmir. How have you been living your life in Izmir?
– I’ve had an amateurish scene with the theater. I also worked with a tape recorder.

+ Do you miss the big city? Do not you think you will return to Izmir again?
– This is my port. I feel safe here myself. The crowd of big cities scares me. I do not want to experience the feeling of loneliness and exclusion that society has pushed me into, and transformed into another position. Neither verbal nor visual. It’s a piece of peace I’m looking for.

+ Do you intend to have surgery?
– I thought it was a very distressing process. Receiving hormones, the operations passed me a little scared. Though I do not have the financial strength to pass on my life.

+ How do you make your life resemble to financial power?
– I had chickens. I was selling their eggs. My chickens are dead. I was going to clean a few houses. If I get a day job, I go.

+ Finally, is there anything you want to say?
– The world is big enough for us all. We can live by not altering, excluding, not harming. We should treat each other as human beings, not as men or women. For those of us like us, life is very rugged, sloppy. Job opportunities are very limited. Trans individuals are not given jobs. I hope this perspective will change. We are the people of this country. We want to be involved in all aspects of business life without being excluded according to our knowledge and abilities. Like I said, the world is big enough for us all to die.

Thanks İhsan. We love you.

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Being A Transsexual İn Turkey: İhsan Hala


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